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Sarah & Chloe (3)

 Brilliant little lesson over an hour in lovely hall with perfect fit for  purpose equipment and friendly staff helping the kids. The ladies were  so kind and calm with the students and it's been a joy to take our  daughter a couple of times and see her really enjoy herself doing  something. Thank you! 

Sally & Pip (4)

 My daughter had never baked a cake that hadn’t come from a box until she  attended a sprinkles and spice cooking class which she loved every  second of.  It was amazing to watch her follow every instruction given  by the wonderful teacher who made every step so simple and imaginative.   She was thrilled that the end result tasted so delicious! 

Roisin & Twins (3)

 Friendly welcome. Children encouraged and supported throughout. My  daughters enjoyed a taste of independent cooking. While their pastries  were cooking, the enjoyed looking into the 'cooking pot'. Where the main  ingredients of the dish were placed. They got to discuss their origin,  how they're made, how they taste. And then fantastic circle songs. And a  goody bag of yummy treats to take home. Wonderful session!! Thank you x 

Kate & Maisie (8)

 My 8 year old has just returned from Sprinkles & Spice after making  Cookies she came home very enthusiastic and can’t wait for the summer  holiday dates. 

Michelle & Girls (3,7,9)

 Took all 3 of my girls to a cooking session this morning (ages3, 7 &  9). They all really enjoyed making their pizzas. Mixing the ingredients  themselves and eating it for lunch after.
Thank you Sprinkles & Spice. X 

Lisa & Mollie

 Fabulous time this morning making Chorizo and Feta bakes!! We both had a  fab time and the bakes lasted about 2 minutes after we got home. Yum!  Thank you very much xx